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Wood Chairs

Quality Wood Finishing & Refinishing Services

Variety of Wood Finishing Styles Available

At Al's Custom Finishing, Inc., we offer wood cabinet refinishing and finishing services. Find a specific color you want and we can match it. We also do touch-ups for your wood finishes. Conversion varnishes are used, and we offer Waterborne™ varnish by request.

Many Styles of Finishes

Backed by 25 years of experience, we work with cabinetmakers, contractors, homeowners, architects, and designers in need of quality wood refinishing work. Choose from many styles, including custom stains, paints, glazes, and antiques.

Showroom Finishes:

Alfalfa #25 Olive Olivia #27 Bamboo Forest #56 Santo Coyote #40
Seafoam #57 Baby Green Frost  #54 Grandma's Chair #33 Birds Nest #49
Dragonfly Tail #135  River Rock  #132 New Years Eve  #61 Quail Egg  #44
Indian Feather  #9 Oyster  #28 Ireland Castle  #45 Ireland Castle  #45
Dark Wood Dark Wood Finish Ash Wood Oak Wood

Understanding Different Woods

  • Oak: Has Visible Grain
    • Red Oak: Has a Red Tones
    • White Oak: Has Gray Tones
  • Maple: White Wood with a Tighter Grain
    • Colors: Blond, Natural, & Pinkish Tones
  • Pine: Has a Yellow Tone & Many Knots
    • This Wood Gives a Country Style Rather
      Than a Contemporary Look
  • Cherry: Red Wood & the Most Expensive
    • Used with Light or Dark Stain
  • Hickory: Similar in Color to Oak
    • Finer Grain & More Gold Tones in Between Oak & Cherry
  • Ash: Similar to Oak, But a Whiter Color & Grain Is Not as Open

Type of Sheen to Select From:

Matte/Flat* • Satin/Semi-Gloss* • High-Gloss*

**No Two Finishes Will Ever Be Identical

Stain Finish
This adds color to the wood without covering the beauty of the grain.
Description: Can be applied by hand wipe or sprayed.
The Look: Spray stain gives a more consistent look and even color than hand wipe stains. Stain can go light, medium, or dark.

This can be applied over a stain finish, paint, or by itself.
Description: It's applied, then wiped off, leaving the glaze in corners, edges, and grain.
The Look: It helps define the details on molding, corbels, inserts, doors, and pilasters.

Paint Finish
You can pick from any solid color, and we can match it.
Description: The paint is a spray finish.
The Look: The grain will not be visible. The paint is stressed, rubbed off, and crackled, and glazed to give it that antique look.

Natural Finish
This is a transparent topcoat.
Description: This finish can have glaze wood with highlights and distress.
The Look: It enhances the natural wood color.

Distressed Finish
This finish includes nicks, dents, and rubbed corners.
Description: It can be heavy or light distress, and can be applied to natural, paint, or stain finish. We make nicks and dents in the wood, the stain or paint is sanded through to reveal the wood beneath.
The Look: It gives it a vintage appearance of wear and tear.

It is a dark color that is splattered over a lighter color.
Crackle: It is applied over a paint finish.
Description: It cracks the paint.
The Look: It gives the finish a rustic appearance.
Worm Holing: Small to medium random holes are made throughout the piece of furniture or door.

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